Pickering Spas

Scenting Tips for Pickering, Ontario Spas

Our sense of smell is linked to emotion and memory, and contains the skill to bring on reactions that are strong. The fragrance that is chosen for each room in a spa can bring out a different feel and will add depth and character. Here are a few ways a strong fragrance-marketing strategy for spas to increase profits and to enrich the customer experience.

One strategy is to create a signature scent that not only evokes feelings of serenity and calmness but also incorporates some unique components of the spa. For example, if the spa is quite modern, then add some crisp notes of cucumber and white tea will be an excellent improvement. Or if the spa has a Caribbean theme, then a gentle hint of coconut or mango can be an excellent compliment.

Do you use candles or diffusers? In your spa use both as they have different uses. Candles can create a more intimate feeling because of the scent and the light they give off that will set the mood in you spa in Pickering. However with diffusers you can set them down and forget about them, so they’re good for continual, overall ambience. Also note that when diffusing the smell, be sure to use a cold air diffuser to preserve the curative advantages of the oils.

Integrate the signature fragrance into the chilled towels or toilet products such as shampoo, soap and body lotion to strengthen the memory that is aromatic.

A way to generate additional income for the spa is to incorporate the signature scent into some products. Here your clients can purchase these products and more importantly allowing them to create the same spa ambiance in their house such as in their bedroom, bathroom and living spaces.

When your guests are leaving your Pickering spa establishment give them a small take home gift that includes the trademark aroma (a small aroma rollerball, a sample linen spray, temple cream) as it is going to strengthen the emotional link the guest has with the experience.